If you are into geeky stuff (who isn’t?) and going to be in the Los Angeles area this weekend (again who isn’t?) then you should come on out to the Comikaze Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It is being billed as the largest (i.e. only) pop culture convention in L.A. Now it’s second year Comikaze has grown. This year they are even adding a zombie run! So is the epicness of Comic-con has left you itching for more than this might just scratch it for a while. I enjoy the con environment. Even if it isn’t as huge as many others, I still enjoy the artist, the costumes and creativity. Anyway, come on out and support the movement, after all if Stan Lee is going to be there then you should to!

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  1. Jeffra

    Did you guys go? And the most important question, were there any Star Trek people there?


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