Arivale has arrived.

Dr. Lee Hood has created yet another groundbreaking biotech company. Arivale is a wellness company that uses your genome sequence to help you get healthier. Regular tests are conducted, using your blood, saliva, urine, and gut microbiome to measure change over time. Then they take that data and set you up with a personal coach who helps participants sift through the data so that they can take concrete steps based on their individual test results and goals.

CEO and co-founder Clayton Lewis said, “We start with a wellness focus as opposed to giving you a set of data. We focus on how we help optimize current health and how to avoid disease.”

To be a participant in Arivale, you’ll have to start in on a yearly subscription that’ll set you back $2,000. BUT Hood expects prices to drop significantly (around 10 times) over the next eight years, as the cost to map human genomes decreases.

THE FUTURE IS HERE! And it looks like it’s been colored all Gattaca-ey~

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