Joanna McFarland, Carolyn Yashari Becher, and Janelle McGlothlin did what many thought couldn’t/shouldn’t be done-created a ride share company for kids, called HopSkipDrive. The three mothers raised $3.9 million dollars via angel investors and created this uber-esque app to safely pick up and drop off your kids.


How does it work? Parents can choose specific drivers by looking through bios and pictures. They then book pre-arranged rides for $20, but there are additional fees for extra distance and time. Once booked, the driver and the child each receive a code word so that the kids know that they are getting into the right vehicle. Another added safety feature is that parents can track the rides in real time and contact the driver via the app.

Each driver for HopSkipDrive is put through a rigorous application process and need at least five years of child care experience.

So… I guess parents who are sick of Billy’s soccer practices and Cindy’s shopping excursions finally have a solution. Also, I hope this isn’t going to create a generation of children who are complete dicks b/c they have people who will literally drive them wherever they want. Those entitled bastards, just do what I did! WALK! USE YOUR LEGS! Who do you think you are? The Raven’s protege, Bran?!

Check out the HopSkipDrive website HERE

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