If you like Baz Luhrman (which… I don’t know why you woudn’t… creative genius AND beautiful mrrrrooooow~)

you will be happy to hear that he is back from his long hiatus after The Great Gatsby, and it looks like he is going bigtime boogie, ya dig? The Baz has a new show on Netflix called The Get Down Sizzle; it’s about the teenagers of the South Bronx that changed the world with hip hop and punk and disco. An exact release date hasn’t been set yet, but here’s the trailer to tide you over… get ready y’all~~

Cast members include Justice Smith (playing “Ezekiel”), Shameik Moore (as “Shaolin Fantastic”), Skylan Brooks (as “Ra Ra”), Tremaine Brown, Jr. (as “Boo Boo”), Herizen Guardiola (“Mylene Cruz”), Yahya Abdul-Mateen (“Cadillac”), Mamoudou Athie (“Grandmaster Flash”), Jimmy Smits (“Francisco Cruz” aka “Papa Fuerte”) and Jaden Smith (Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling).

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