Remember last year when Babbleon5 reported that space lettuce was grown on the International Space Station for the first time? (Why are you not more excited by that btw? Because I’m still freaking out by that.) Well, astronaut Scott Kelly has moved onto a more beautious foliage to brighten up the space station. A Zinnia. Why is this important you ask? Well, there were a number of pressure and air flow issues that had to be addressed with the growth chamber in order to prevent the more fragile flowers from dying or rotting. In fact of the five flowers planted, only one was able to bloom. (This is what I’m saying people, growing plants in space is a BIG DEAL!)

This experimentation with more fragile plants will allow future spacers to be able to adapt growth chambers for an even greater variety of plant species. Who KNOWS what they’ll be able to grow next! Check out the full article here.

SPACE PLANTS people! SPACE PLANTS!!! Am I the only one seeing this?!

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