It’s been a week since my return from my 3rd year at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and there’s a lot to report! If you’ve never been, I’d highly recommend making a visit if you ever get the chance. The cost isn’t the most affordable, but if you’re a volunteer- lodging may be provided with some other nice perks. It’s one of the best ways to attend some of the parties, meet some awesome people, and see as many films as your eyeballs can handle!

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When you arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah- it’s a 30-35 min shuttle from the airport to Park City where the film festival is located. Once you’re at Sundance HQ located at the Marriott Hotel- you’ll check in, grab your credentials, film program, and a nice ‘Kenneth Cole’ designer Volunteer jacket (reversible this year). And after a quick bite to eat, diving into the program to plan your 10 days is highly recommended while you wait for lodging assignments.


Main St. is a great place to explore after you’ve unloaded your luggage and headed to the grocery store to stock up for the week. There you’ll find some great local restaurants and bars you might frequent during the 2 weeks of the festival. A lot of the sponsors will have free food, coffee, drinks, and swag for the public. Chase Sapphire, Canada Goose, SundanceTv and Airbnb were a few of my favorite places to grab a quick snack or a drink.

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This year I broke my personal record for the total number of films I watched. Keep it tuned to find out what my top 5 films of Sundance ’16!

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