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To say Deadpool is a good movie is an honest statement, but the fact it was made and in the manner it has been presented, is nothing short of a triumph. The R-rated film pulls no punches in the department violence and raunchy humor allowing for Deadpool to give the audience all it has to offer. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool/Wade Wilson is an asshole with a heart of gold and unapologetically so. He pokes fun at the films budget in many ways and the fact that it is a ‘superhero’ film is made into a punchline. Wade is a hit man with a moral code and he looks out for the little guy even if the little guy is being stalked by a little pizza guy.
The story is standard fare. A guy falls for a girl and they have great time for a full year then he finds out  he has terminal cancer. In search of solutions he finds the only solution is to leave the girl to spare her his slow death. In the midst of all of this he is offered the chance to cure his cancer (then the fun begins).
The action action scenes in this film are nothing less than comic book style chaos. Deadpool’s movements and continuous banter are on speed whenever he’s on screen. The opening freeway battle is a real treat for those who saw the leaked test footage. It is even better this time around with some noticeable added detail. The added bonus of a couple of X-Men with full on roles are welcome for added connectivity of the universe. The powers of Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus are showcased in some very cool action beats. This is an X-Men movie, which serves the character of Deadpool above all other things. Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds somehow tricked Fox into giving them the free light because this feels more inline with a Marvel Studios film. There is so much reverence for the character it is unbelievable.

For the fans of Deadpool, this is a near dream come true for anyone who wanted to see a proper Deadpool on screen. I tried pushing down high hopes for this movie, but the film does not disappoint. Take your girlfriend, your wife, or both. This a must see and pay close attention to where the final fight takes place. 4.5 out of 5 Babbles.
Comment below if you know what it is. I had to get a second opinion and it is definitely a nod to the MCU. This movie was made for and by fans with newcomers in mind as well. Go see it. Set up a direct funds draft to Marvel while you’re at it.

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