My initial reaction to the revealing of the new Power Rangers costumes was…”Really? That’s what you came up with?” And, I’m sure that I wasn’t alone in that category. At first glance it comes across as a fused Ironman and Guyver hybrid. But to me, Power Rangers is something that I have held dear since I was four and was already invested as a brainwashed 90’s kid. The fact that one of the characters is named Billy didn’t hurt either. Looking back at the original episodes today, the show doesn’t hold up at all. But the idea of attempting a reboot to Power Rangers was something that’s been long overdue. There’s a huge audience out there that love Power Rangers (no matter how cheesy or corny the show might have been).

Ever since the launch of the 2013 toy line of Power Rangers Legacy (geared towards adult collectors like myself), these hot items have been flying off the shelves and going for big bucks on ebay. This tells you that there is a craving for the nostalgia that is ‘Power Rangers’. There is even a convention held every other year in Pasadena called, ‘Power Morphicon’, that is very well attended.
While I’ve seen better fan art of new Power Ranger costumes, I applaud the studio for modernizing these suits. A redesign is something that was much needed since the last film, ‘Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie’ and the god awful CGI Megazord in ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie’. With today’s special effects and technology available, Lionsgate has so much potential and opportunity with this property. The Power Ranger fan in me will at least give it a chance.

Written by Guest Babbler: Billy Khang

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