On a brisk summer day of 09, it’s started over a plate of steaming BBQ at Dickey’s (and a plate of pineapple fried rice smuggled in from Thai Spice). A few friends gathered and imagined a website where dreams would became reality. A website where the oppressed and captive thoughts could be freed. A virtual sanctuary for pop culture experts (nerds) to come share life changing revelations about….movies! Okay let’s eat, but there were still so many details to discuss…

Tony, Johnny, Jeff, Scott, and Rhino: 5 men, one destiny. That night, over a box of Krispy delights, we babbled on what would soon become the ‘BabbleOn 5’ Movie Review site. The name is reference to an old sci-fi show and also because we all talk too much. Partially driven by a vision and partially a sugar rush, the BabbleOn 5 site was birthed. Our vision is to create a site that can be a movie and pop culture resource to our family, friends, enemies, aliens, and other carbon based life forms. We have been dreaming of this for a while and we felt the time was now- especially since robots and machines will soon rule the world and will have little need for a  movie review site. But don’t worry, we’ll always have time travel to fix things if it ever gets too sucky around here.

Over the years, different team members have moved on to other adventures. However, once a Babbler, always a Babbler. If you share our love for movies, comics, TV shows, tech, and video games then you will love BabbleOn 5. Visit regularly and comment often. Babble on!

Johnny Leou

Actor/Media Specialist

Mina Son

Staff Writer

Sean Connelly

Developer/Staff Writer

Tony Kim

Director/Staff Writer


Dictator-in-Traning/Staff Writer